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CBD Ph Balance

CBD Ph Balance

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This blend is specifically made to balance your blood PH levels. A balanced blood pH level is essential to restore and protect our health from the inside out. CBD PH Balance is a natural remedy made from alkalizing Essential oils and CBD oil. To name a few benefits: Highly alkalizing, and helps with heartburn. Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, can help balance blood pH levels and bring about overall emotional and physical well-being.


"For years I have been struggling with Acid Reflux and heartburn. So many nights I cough my lungs out due to the gastric acid that ran into my lungs. Every prescribed and non-prescribe medication was tried. Some was even supposed to help for 48 hours, but I took it daily, sometimes even 2 x pd. We also lifted the head-end of the bed. Nothing Worked. Until pH Balance. For about 6 weeks I took it every night, now I take it maybe 3 x pw, sometimes even less, and only because I ate something I should not."



Kuriosity Healed The Cat
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