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FECO Timeless MCT

FECO Timeless MCT

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Hybrid strain made from both Sativa and Indica. This hybrid oil is used both orally and topically. Benefits include relief from severe pain, cancers, skin problems and many severe conditions. Timeless is used where clients suffer immensely and a stronger ratio of THC is needed. Timeless is higher in THC than other cannabinoids. MCT Carrier Oil - Will not congeal when cold


"After I had covid I developed a problem with my stomach from the medication I used, where my stomach acids started eating the lining. This started giving me digestive problems and severe heartburn that burned my oesophagus, 3 years of pain and medication made me start looking for other options. So far I have been on the PH Balance and Timeless for probably about a month and my symptoms have decreased dramatically where I am no longer doubled over in pain, even making me forget to take the drops now and then because I feel so much better. I would like to thank Deliene for the help she has given me in getting the correct products. You understood my problems, for that I thank you."



Kuriosity Healed The Cat
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