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Celtic Salt

Celtic Salt

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When it comes to natural and nutrient-dense alternatives, Celtic Sea Salt shines as a true gem. Our Celtic salt is hand harvested in Guérande France and is Packed with 82 vital minerals and trace elements. This extraordinary salt goes beyond just adding flavour to your dishes. Celtic Salt Benefits: Alkalize the body, balance blood sugars, increase energy, eliminate mucus build-up, build immunity, improve brain function, provide electrolyte balance, prevent muscle cramps, regulate heartbeat and blood pressure and much more. Wonderplant's Celtic salt is fully mineralised, pure, unrefined, well balanced and alive with active key minerals and trace elements of magnesium, calcium and potassium in the perfect ratio. With a subtle flavour Celtic Sea Salt melts in your mouth and stimulates your saliva glands. Use to enhance the flavours of food & as an electrolyte solution. I take 2-3 grains before every glass of water (I drink about 3l water per day) and 1 jar lasts me just over 1 month


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