Kuriosity Healed The Cat

Terms & Conditions

1 I order 2 x per month. On the 2nd of each month and the 16th of each month. If urgent I can have the products sent directly from Head Office, but you wont get a free sample when you qualify for one 2. We outsource Courier Services. The Courier Guy (TCG) is the only Courier service that will transport cannabis products. As soon as I book the courier, the tracking number will be sent to you. PLEASE NOTE - It may take up to 48 hours for your tracking number to reflect on the TCG tracking system. 3. NO refunds once I have place the order at head office - if order is cancelled before that, 5% of the order total will be deducted to cover my banking costs before refunding you. 4. Don't keep your products in the sun or hot areas - keep it in a temperature 24deg C or lower. REMEMBER some products may congeal in cold weather due to the carrier oil. Just put the container in a cup of warm (not boiling) water for a few minutes to melt. 5. PLEASE keep in touch with me regarding your journey - Its much easier for you to contact me than me to contact my over 2000+ customers often.