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FECO Oil Control Wonder Growth Shampoo

FECO Oil Control Wonder Growth Shampoo

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Our FECO Oil Control Shampoo is made with Pure Essential oils, Activated Charcoal and CBD. It is perfect for overly oily hair as the Activated Charcoal cleanses the impurities, gets rid of the sebum and lets your hair breathe. This means pores are left clean, detoxified and ready to enhance the growth of your hair. Benefits include: Sulphate-free, aldehyde free and paraben free, Improves blood circulation, Stimulates hair growth, Removes dead skin cells on the scalp, Treats scalp conditions, Reduces hair breakage, Protects hair against UV Rays, and many more. Free of ALL Chemicals: Sulphate- free, SLS free, aldehyde free and paraben free.


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